We at Yampa Vally OB/GYN cherish the Steamboat, Hayden, Craig and Oak Creek communities, along with their unique locations within the Yampa River Valley and its tributaries.  Over the past 20+ years Dr. Ahlmeyer has built lasting relationships with the women and families along the Yampa River and Oak Creek corridors.  She and her staff deeply value these relationships, and strive to continue offering the best quality of health care for all women in the area.

“As a physician, it is extremely important for me to make a real and lasting connection with those seeking care.  The relationship with an Ob/Gyn is unique, and often maintained for a lifetime, including the joys of pregnancy diagnosis and care, birth, postpartum, teenage maturity, and the struggles of illness, disease and regained health.  I treasure these journeys and all of my relationships, whether with patients and their families or with my own daughters and family.”

Making the recent commitment to center her practice toward gynecology, infertility, first-trimester and postpartum care has allowed Dr. Ahlmeyer to pursue her goal of offering the most advanced medical treatments and technologies available in a small, intimate office.  Her innovative practice has ventured not only into advanced robotic surgery, but also fractional CO2 vaginal laser therapy and bio-identical pellet hormone therapy.  “Being a solo private practitioner with over 25 years of medical experience has allowed me the freedom to mold my practice toward innovations in medical technology that are proven to have positive patient outcomes, with no outside influence or interference.  Continuing to innovate and advance medically is my primary motivation!”

My father, a retired radiologist and previous head of the California Radiological Society, taught me to believe in independently-owned, private practice as the best means for providing quality, advanced, innovative patient care.

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