A surgical robot is one of the minimally-invasive, laparoscopic tools available at Yampa Valley Medical Center, which obtained the da Vinci robot in 2013. After engaging in a year-long journey of extensive training, proctoring and hands-on learning, Dr. Ahlmeyer became certified on the da Vinci system in 2014 and has now earned the title “high-volume” robotic surgeon. She, along with an operating-room team also extensively trained in robotics, continue to be amazed at patient outcomes and recovery times.

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Minimally-invasive and robotic surgery for gynecological and bladder concerns, such as incontinence, can be combined to avoid separate operations and recoveries. Dr. Ahlmeyer partners with local urologists to provide both services at one time. These combined cases are typically performed robotically, with both surgeons using the robot console, and offering the same benefits of minimally-invasive laparoscopy.

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