Dr. Ahlmeyer is excited to offer gentle, nonsurgical vaginal laser therapy using Cynosure’s Mona Lisa Touch Laser. The Mona Lisa Touch is a novel fractional CO2 laser therapy for gynecologic health. When estrogen levels decline, either due to menopause or other medical conditions, millions of women experience symptoms that can possibly interfere with their lives, including dryness, itching, and pain. Fractional CO2 laser therapy offers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue that stimulates a healing response in the vaginal canal. Thousands of women have been successfully treated since fractional CO2 laser therapy was introduced in 2012 for vaginal health. And Cynosure as a company ensures medical protection by limiting sales of their vaginal-specific laser to gynecologists and urologists.

A typical laser course includes three, short, in-office treatments over an 18-week period, none involving anesthesia and all having minimal side effects. Many patients experience relief immediately and virtually all patients experience relief after the 2nd treatment, with greater relief after treatment three. The Mona Lisa Touch offers lasting results. A once-a-year treatment may be recommended for even greater improvement of symptoms. If suggested, this can typically be scheduled along with an annual gynecologic exam.

Please see below for a direct link to nine medical journal articles addressing applications and outcomes of the fractional CO2 vaginal laser therapy:
Medical Journal Articles

Please see below for a direct link to Cynosure’s Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser Website:

Rather than suffer silently from the effects of reduced estrogen or encounter limited options for relief, please ask Dr. Ahlmeyer and her staff if the Mona Lisa Touch is the right choice for your symptoms.

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